Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Destination or theme weddings

Theme/destination weddings can be very beautiful, and a lot of fun! They can also be very simple or quite elaborate. The key is capturing the personality of the couple.

Destination weddings are sometimes a great way to have your wedding wrapped up in an easy package. Getting married on a beach and holding the reception at sundown. Or saying "I do" at your favorite golf course. You can be as romantic or as wacky as you want to be!

Theme weddings are also an ideal way to express your personal style. For instance; Valentine's day weddings can be romantic and especially fun to design. Christmas weddings have lots of potential for sentimentality and beauty. Nature lovers might really enjoy hosting their nuptials at a park. (See my good friend's blog: Happy Future Designs for a great nature location!)

We can work with you to create the best invitations and more. Whatever you may be looking for, we can help you tie it all in and make it amazing!

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